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Website Hosting

The first step towards a website of your own is the registration of a Domain Name. [for example - www.myplaceonmull.co.uk] Also your website needs its own secure space on the internet; this is called website hosting. Not all web space is the same.

So you've decided to have you own website. The business you already run or are thinking of creating may already have a trading name. This can usually be turned into a domain name without fuss. There are a few limitations; principally regarding the characters that can or cannot be used, but I won't bore you those here. Suffice to say that, for example, if you run a B & B called "Doire Daraich Cottage" you would be able to register www.doire-daraich-cottage.co.uk or similar. I would recommend that you register the .com version too. Of course with a domain name you can have your own personalised e-mail addresses. Following the example domain given above you could have info@doire-daraich-cottage.co.uk or indeed anything@doire-daraich-cottage.co.uk!

Your website needs to be seen by anyone you consider to be a potential customer. Therefore the website will have to be placed on a server somewhere. A server is simply a sophisticated, high storage capacity computer that is linked to the internet. It should be capable of showing [serving] your website pages to hundreds of people at the same time and yet not allow 'hackers' to change your carefully crafted efforts. Part of my commitment to you at OldacreWeb is to provide just such a server. You can leave all the technicalities to me!


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OldacreWeb for website creation, web hosting and domain name registration.